The FAST SPM module is an add-on electronics that can upgrade virtually any scanning probe microscope to video rate imaging and particle tracking, allowing to investigate dynamical processes at surfaces with unprecedented time resolution (US patent n.8726409 B2).


12 October 2023

FAST SPM 2.0 now available for purchase

The new and redesigned version of the FAST SPM module is now commercially available, with new features and even more user friendly. Check out the brochure here and the dedicated section in the menu.
15 February 2021

New paper: Strain release at the graphene-Ni(100) interface investigated by in-situ and operando scanning tunnelling microscopy

Check here this new publication involving FAST measurements.
30 March 2020

New paper: Order–disorder phase transition of the subsurface cation vacancy reconstruction on Fe3O4(001)

Check here this new publication involving FAST measurements.
17 January 2020

New publication in Carbon

Operando atomic-scale study of graphene CVD growth at steps of polycrystalline nickel. Check here the paper.
21 August 2019

FastSTM for the characterization of adsorbate dynamics on an oxide surface.

The TU Munich group analyzed the hydrogen diffusion on magnetite (001) using the FAST module and demonstrated the influence of defects on diffusion dynamics in collaboration with TU Vienna. Link to the publication.
17 July 2019

New paper: Influence of Local Defects on the Dynamics of O–H Bond Breaking and Formation on a Magnetite Surface

Check here this new publication involving FAST measurements.
1 April 2019

Talk at the DPG Spring Meeting

Check out the oral contribution by Laerte Patera (10.30 am) entitled "Real-time imaging of adatom-promoted graphene growth on nickel" at the DPG Spring meeting in Regensburg (Germany).
25 October 2018

Seminar on FAST module at

Check out the oral contribution by Mirco Panighel (October, 25th afternoon) on the technical aspects of the FAST module at the conference in Bologna (Italy).
20 September 2018

New publication of FAST results

FastSTM measurements at TU Munich showed how Pd atoms and small clusters diffuse in the moiré cells of a hexagonal boron nitride film on Rh(111). Read the paper published in J. Phys. Chem. C and watch the movies here.
23 May 2018

FAST at 2DSPM International Conference, Spain

Check out the oral contribution by Cristina Africh on the recent results published in Science (June 25th, 4.25 PM) and the poster contribution on the technical aspects of the FAST module by Mirco Panighel (June 26th, 5:15 PM) at the 2DSPM conference in Donostia/San Sebastian.
21 April 2018

PhD opportunity applying FAST to oxide surfaces

At TU Munich, we have an opening for a PhD student at the Chair of Physical Chemistry. The project combines FAST with another unique apparatus, our atomically precise cluster deposition source. The successful candidate will study the dynamics of metal clusters on oxide surfaces with an unprecedented level of experimental control.
16 March 2018

FAST results published in Science!


A new paper based on FAST STM results has been published in Science!
Look at the nickel adatom mediated growth of a graphene edge on Ni(111).
Learn more.

Watch the video of Gr growth at 60fps and check out the paper:
L.L. Patera et al., 10.1126/science.aan8782
6 March 2018

FAST at DPG Spring Meeting

Magnetite dynamics obtained with the FAST module are presented at DPG spring meeting Berlin, Germany, (Friedrich Esch, 12.03.2018, 12.45, session O3; Alexander Bourgund, 14.03.2018, 18.15, poster session O78.14).
16 January 2018

FAST at IWOX-XI, Spain

FAST module results are presented at IWOX-XI Sierra Nevada, Spain (Barbara Lechner, 22.01.2018, 18.10)
12 January 2018

New publication

Check out our latest publication Imaging on-surface hierarchical assembly of chiral supramolecular network and have a look of some of the videos made with the FAST module!
Patera, L. L. et al. - Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2017, 19, 24605
26 September 2017

FAST at FisMat 2017 conference

The FAST module is presented at the FisMat 2017 conference held in Trieste on 1-5 October. Check out the oral contribution by Mirco Panighel on Tue 3rd at 13:00.
28 August 2017


Some of the latest results obtained with the FAST module are presented at the ECOSS 33 conference in Hungary! Check out the oral contribution by Giovanni Comelli on Thu 31st at 10:40, entitled "Graphene growth on Ni surfaces".